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What is a Product Strategy Workshop?

Product Strategy Workshop is a service we provide to help businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create a top-down model for their product idea. The product top-down model gives you a roadmap of your product journey, beginning at the most panoramic level, where there is only a vision and a product idea, to a development pipeline, identifying and fixing the flaws, and ultimately a strategized release plan.

In other words, this roadmap shows you where your product is right now – the ideation stage – to where you want it to be – a successful release. The product development journey is not as simple as it may seem. While you can find organizations to help you design, develop and launch your product, it will be pointless if your product doesn’t perform well. And for your product to perform well, you need to identify and fix the flaws in your product strategy workshop. That is where our product development strategy workshop comes in.

Some of the flaws that our product strategy workshop helps you identify and overcome:

  • Current processes not aligning with product goals.
  • Product capabilities not sequenced into the product map.
  • No iterative feature planning based on roadmap.
  • Not following customer use-case driven initiatives.
  • Scrum teams componentized and working in silos.
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Product Development Journey

A journey that tells you about different stages of your product’s development and their roles.

Assessing Product Features - QuellSoft
Assessing Product Features

Assessing your vision for the product and customer needs to identify opportunities to improve product functionality.

Events Flow - QuellSoft
Events Flow

Creating an events flow for the product that includes Initiatives, Epics, Stories and Shippable Product Increment.

Product Level Events Cadence - QuellSoft
Product Level Events Cadence

Covers all factors of product level events; Iterative Feature Planning, Stakeholders Review and Product Backlog Refinement.

Scrum Level Events Cadence - QuellSoft
Scrum Level Events Cadence

Covers all factors of Scrum level events; Scrum Team PBRs, Sprint Planning I & II and overall Sprint Review.

Need Help With Product Development Strategy?

Product Development Mapping

This process helps product development strategy by mapping and prioritizing processes into Epics, Sub-Epics and Stories.

Epic And Story Mapping - QuellSoft

Epic and Story Mapping

A prioritized workflow that divides business epics into sub-epics and stories.

Identifying Minimal Viable Product - QuellSoft

Identifying Minimal Viable Product

Utilizing epic/story mapping to address the most basic needs of users to build an MVP.

Splitting User Stories - QuellSoft

Splitting User Stories

Splitting user stories into smaller user stories which help improve progress.

Release Planning - QuellSoft

Release Planning

A timeline-focused user story mapping allows for efficient product release planning.

Create a Product That Sells

Want to Create a Product That Meets Both Customer and Business Demands?

Our Product Development Strategy Workshop is here to help you with just that. Let’s jump on a quick call for a free consultation.

How We Do It

Research & Planning - QuellSoft

Research & Planning

After gathering your needs and business objectives, we make a detailed plan to initiate work on the project.

Designing Strategy - QuellSoft

Designing Strategy

We understand your business needs to make a perfect digital asset and give you a competitive advantage

Clean Coding - QuellSoft

Clean Coding

We convert the design into highly efficient cods using cutting edge technology.

Launch & Maintenance - QuellSoft

Launch & Maintenance

After thorough testing, your digital asset will be launched with a high focus on uptime and security.


  • What is QuellSoft's Product Development Strategy workshop about?

    QuellSoft’s product development strategy workshop focuses on guiding businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs through crafting effective product development strategies. It covers various aspects such as identifying epics, sub-epics, and stories within the development process.

  • How does QuellSoft define epics in product development?

    In our product development workshop, epics refer to broad, high-level objectives or goals within a product development strategy. They encapsulate significant features or functionalities that align with business objectives.

  • What role do sub-epics play in the development strategy?

    Sub-epics, in our context, represent the smaller components or subsets of epics. They help in breaking down larger goals into manageable segments, making it easier to organize and prioritize tasks within the product development process.

  • How are 'stories' integrated into QuellSoft's product development approach?

    Stories are granular, actionable tasks or requirements that contribute to achieving sub-epics. During our workshop, we emphasize the importance of creating and managing stories effectively for streamlined execution and success.

  • Who would benefit most from QuellSoft's Product Development Strategy workshop?

    Businesses seeking to refine their product development strategies and aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to understand the intricacies of building successful products would greatly benefit from our workshop.

  • Are there any prerequisites for attending the workshop?

    No specific prerequisites are required. Our workshop is designed to accommodate individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey or business development process.

  • What methodologies or frameworks does QuellSoft employ during the workshop?

    We integrate agile methodologies and frameworks like Scrum and Kanban into our personalized workshop sessions, providing practical insights into their application within the product development lifecycle.

  • How long is the workshop, and what does it typically cover?

    The duration may vary, but generally, our workshop spans a few days, covering topics such as product ideation, defining epics and sub-epics, story mapping, prioritization techniques, and agile implementation strategies.

  • Can QuellSoft customize the product development strategy workshop to suit a particular business or industry?

    Yes, QuellSoft understands the importance of tailoring strategies. The service will be customized to address specific product challenges or the unique requirements of a particular business.

  • How can interested businesses or individuals sign up for QuellSoft's Product Development Strategy workshop?

    You can easily contact us through our contact us page. You can also just give us a call.

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