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What is Data Warehousing, Exactly?

If you’re a marketer, business analyst or data scientist, you know the significance of proper data organization and analysis in making the right core decisions. A data warehouse services (DWH) is a centralized data management system that organizes and stores all your data from all sources in one repository.

Data warehousing is invaluably helpful for businesses and entities that deal with large amounts of data sourced from various channels, including but not limited to CRMs, Legacy Systems, Log Files, Cloud Applications, IoT Devices, Data Lakes, External APIs and Machine-generated Data. But, how exactly is it helpful?

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Key Benefits of Using a Data Warehouse Services

The ultimate objective of using a data warehouse services is to be able to monitor real-time performance, analyze large-volume data across sources and extract valuable insights to improve decision-making. Key elements that play huge roles in this process are:

Historical Data - QuellSoft
Historical Data

Data warehouse services give you a means to review your historical data efficiently. Having all your data across time in one place, in an organized manner, gives you the flexibility to study trends and performance, and adapt accordingly.

Data Across Sources - QuellSoft
Data Across Sources

It consumes a lot of time, energy and resources to gather and study data from different sources. Having a centralized data management system will improve your productivity multifold and enable you to make adept decisions.

Stable Data Quality - QuellSoft
Stable Data Quality

Having all data accumulated and properly organized in one system from all sources simply means the data you are looking at is of high quality. Because it comes from multiple sources, it will be consistent and more accurate.

Data Warehousing Essentials

Let’s talk about what our cloud data warehousing services comprise. These key elements are of utmost importance and having proficiency in these is vital.

Data Integration - QuellSoft

Data Integration

Expertise in data integration technologies & tools is crucial when integrating data from various sources.

Extract Transform Load - QuellSoft

Extract, Transform, Load

Proficiency in ETL tools is vital for extracting, transforming and loading data into the data warehouse services.

SQL and Query Proficiency - QuellSoft

SQL and Query Proficiency

SQL is the primary language for querying data, so proficiency in writing complex queries is very crucial.

Data Governance And Security - QuellSoft

Data Governance and Security

Implementing data governance and ensuring data quality, privacy and security is paramount in data warehousing.

Data Analysis - QuellSoft

Data Analysis

Skills in statistical analysis, machine learning and data visualization are extremely valuable in cloud DWH.

Business Intelligence - QuellSoft

Business Intelligence

Deep understanding of BI tools is crucial for creating meaningful reports, dashboards and visualizations.

Cloud Computing - QuellSoft

Cloud Computing

Cloud data warehousing is the future, hence familiarity with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, etc. is a must.

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What Else We Take Care Of

Did you think that was it? No, there’s a lot more to a proper data warehouse solution. In addition to these core functions, we also take care of these equally important functions.

Data Modeling

Expertise in design and structure of warehouse, including data schemas, tables, relationships, etc., is crucial.

Data Modeling - QuellSoft

Data Documentation

Proper Documentation of data sources, transformations and metadata is essential for maintaining DWH’s integrity.

Data Documentation - QuellSoft

Project Management

Expertise in project management is a must in DWH because it involves multiple.

Project Management - QuellSoft

Database Management

Knowledge of database management systems (DBMS) is extremely crucial for managing multiple DWH databases.

Database Management - QuellSoft

Communication and Collaboration

It’s crucial to maintain effective communication with business stakeholders, data engineers and data scientists.

Communication and Collaboration - QuellSoft

Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

Identifying and resolving issues related to data loading, query performance and system scalability is critical.

Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - QuellSoft

Squeeze Value from Your Data!

Want to make the best use of your data?

Let our cloud data warehousing solutions centralize your data for you and extract the most valuable insights from them to make the best-informed decisions.

How We Do It

Research & Planning - QuellSoft

Research & Planning

After gathering your needs and business objectives, we make a detailed plan to initiate work on the project.

Designing Strategy - QuellSoft

Designing Strategy

We understand your business needs to make a perfect digital asset and give you a competitive advantage.

Clean Coding - QuellSoft

Clean Coding

We convert the design into highly efficient cods using cutting edge technology.

Launch & Maintenance - QuellSoft

Launch & Maintenance

After thorough testing, your digital asset will be launched with a high focus on uptime and security.

Proficiency in DWH Technologies

Amaxon Redshift - QuellSoft
Google BigQuery - QuellSoft
Azure Synapse Analytics - QuellSoft
teradata - QuellSoft
Amaxon Redshift - QuellSoft
Google BigQuery - QuellSoft


  • What is QuellSoft?

    We are a New-Jersey-based business solutions provider specializing in Data Warehouse Services, including Azure Data Warehouse, cloud data warehousing, digital marketing and more.

  • How can QuellSoft help my business with data warehouse services?

    We provide tailor-made data warehouse services in New Jersey and all over the world. Our expertise includes database management, data warehouse applications, project management and more.

  • What is Azure Data Warehouse and how does QuellSoft leverage it?

    Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse is an extremely powerful cloud data warehousing platform. We have an apt understanding of Azure and ability to utilize it to its maximum potential and create a high-performance data warehousing solution.

  • What are the benefits of choosing QuellSoft for cloud data warehousing?

    We offer cloud data warehousing services that help you scale with flexibility and efficiency. Our cloud data warehousing services will help you adapt to volatile data needs conveniently.

  • Do you have proficiency in Data Warehousing Tools?

    Yes, we do! We have expertise and experience in all major data warehousing tools including Azure, BigQuery, Terada, etc.

  • Can you develop custom data warehouse solutions for unique business requirements?

    Absolutely! We most certainly can create tailored data warehouse solutions to meet specific business needs.

  • What other services do QuellSoft offer in addition to Data Warehouse Services?

    We provide a variety of smart business solutions apart from data warehousing, including website development, digital marketing AI/ML services and more.

  • How do I get in touch with QuellSoft to discuss my Data Warehouse needs?

    You can get in touch with us by dropping your contact info below. We will get in touch with you ASAP.

  • Can QuellSoft help me with integration of data warehouse solutions into my legacy systems?

    Yes, our DWH services include data integration to ensure your data warehouse solutions work seamlessly with your current systems.

  • What industries does QuellSoft serve?

    QuellSoft provides business solutions to all major industries including healthcare, finance, education, retail and more.

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